Design your table with extraordinary, story-telling silver.
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Craftsmanship from the silver manufactory

Experience and passion is the foundation of our craftsmanship. The challenge for my team and me at the Silver Manufactory is to preserve the tradition of our craft and following our aesthetic curiosity and intuition at the same time.

It is a pleasure to continue living this beautiful craft.
In a process of innumerable worksteps, we create unique pieces of lasting value. But only with you, the customer, the silver goods get a special significance.

My vision is to show people that a hand-forged piece of silver is something unique. It contains vitality, elegance and emotion.

Sonja Quandt

Beaker "Cat", hand-chased and gilded inside
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glass with silver

SilverPainting - a traditional technique, which today is mastered only by a few manufactories: In elaborate handwork, the desired decoration and secret silver mixture is applied by experienced painters using the brush.

Dish washing is a matter of course.
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Enjoy moments with silver ...

From simple to extravagant - Sonja Quandt offers a unique and comprehensive bar collection.

Cool, fresh and fine -enjoyment becomes an incomparable experience. In the silver goblet it stays cool for a long time.

Champagne coupe „Passion"
plain, gilded inside

Bar collection
The world belongs to those who enjoy it.

In our silver manufactory we develop concepts for special occasions and customer demands.

Champagne cooler "Lizard"


Our cutlery is made with the best materials: in 925 / - sterling silver or with a particularly strong 150g exclusive silver plating. Our cutlery loves to be daily used, dish washing is a matter of course.

Our quality ambitions guarantee decades of joy.

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On request we do individual engravings to create unique pieces.
With highest claim we realise your wishes in first quality and guarantee a lifelong service.


Repair & refurbish
A team of experienced and highly competent specialists guarantee an accurate handling with your treasures.
We are happy to assist you with the presentation of our goods in your shop or online store. Feel free to ask for further informations.